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Crystal Stream Agile

Currently, the majority of financial solutions on the market is based on old architectures with low or no flexibility. Such software was designed based on well-defined organisations, primarily to meet the needs of North American financial institutions.

In addition, ISVs have little or no internal service dedicated to specific development. Therefore each custom development may be made at the expense of the support and evolution of the main product.

To answer this demand, we propose to add to our Crystal Stream solutions, a customisation service called Crystal Stream Agile

The Facts

It is often difficult for users to formulate their requirements in functional specifications. In addition, the expression of needs mature with the project's progress thus generating changes in the initial specifications.

This causes a gap between users specifications and the application they take delivery of.

Why CS Agile ?

  • Individuals and interaction rather than the excess of processes and tools.
  • Functional software rather than unused documentation.
  • Collaboration with the client rather than contractual discussion.
  • Coping with change rather than keeping to the original plan.

Our Approach

Very quickly, Crystal Stream provides key users with a light version of the specific developments. They analyse the product and transmit their feedback. Then the customisation team integrates customer feedback into the development and resumes a "sprint Development » followed by product delivery to the customer.

This allows key users to validate their functional choices, thanks to a first version of the tool. This process is repeated until the final version. The "sprints developments" last up to 4 weeks and the number of iterations depends on the size of the project.

With this method, the final acceptance is only a formality because the software delivered corresponds exactly to the users’ requirements.

So thanks to our Hybrid Solution, from the merger of our Independent Software Vendor division and our IT Consulting pole, we are confident we can offer you more than just "another" financial software.