• Crystal Rec

    is designed to provide a very flexible multi asset matching solution for Asset Managers, Investment Banking and Brokerage Firms.

Crystal Rec

Crystal Rec was designed to meet the reconciliation needs of financial institutions across all lines of business, including asset management, cash and securities operations, brokerage and derivatives.
The core matching engine has been designed for maximum flexibility in order to handle all data types, both financial and non financial.

Crystal Rec covers the entire reconciliation lifecycle from start to finish. It incorporates the following modules and functionalities :

  • Data loading flexible module
  • Flexible set up of matching rules
  • Exceptions monitoring and management module
  • Reports edit and statistics management
  • Archives management module

Crystal Rec will help you cope with the ever increasing volumes of transactions and the need to get a clear and detailed picture of your business. Our software will allow you to meet current regulations and satisfy your audit requirements. Its Java architecture will ensure you to get the best of current technology, to improve the efficiency of your service, reduce costs and thereby achieve a rapid return on investment.

Data loading flexible module

Crystal Rec can integrate all types of files (Email, Swift, ASCII, Csv, Excel, XML, FIXML, FIX, IBM MQ Series).
Our tool includes a scheduler for setting the launch of reconciliation tasks: on presence of source files, on demand, at a given time of day, on a periodic basis (daily, weekly or monthly).

Crystal Rec does not need to be fed with data in a specific structure. Outstanding items from the previous reconciliation can be automatically taken into account in the following reconciliations.

Matching rules flexible set up

Crystal Rec suits various business needs :

  • Transaction Reconciliation
  • Position Reconciliation
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Portfolio Reconciliation

The matching engine provides the following functionalities :

  • Restrictions : ability to ignore information not to be taken into account during reconciliation.
  • Mapping : conversion functions applied to fields.
  • Data enrichment : ability to create calculated columns from multiple existing columns.
  • Matching Rules : ability to define complex matching rules, possible rows merging.
  • Tolerance : ability to apply a tolerance to match approximate values.
  • Reconciliation Rules : ability to define rules 1-1, 1-N, N-M or partial reconciliations.

Crystal Rec is able to reconcile all types of financial instruments (Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Options, IRS, CDS, FX,...) combined with the possibility to set different criteria for reconciliation. Crystal Rec is also able to reconcile groups of financial instruments (Portfolios).

Our solution was designed so that authorised business users, without recourse to their internal IT department, can not only easily set up match rules, but also make adjustments to them over time to optimise the efficiency of the reconciliations using metrics that Crystal Rec supplies.

Exceptions monitoring and management

Crystal Rec provides users with an advanced interface for reviewing and managing the results of their reconciliations. It offers many features including :

  • Overview of contradictory data on a single line with differences visualisation.
  • Filters that allow you to customise and sort the information in the views (view by Portfolio, by Asset Class, etc).
  • Option on each line, if aggregated, to display the original breakdown contained in the source file.
  • Highlighting of data in one source and missing data in the other and vice versa.
  • Users have the ability to access the results of previous reconciliations through the interface.
  • Users have the ability to insert comments for each break, noting the actions taken or to be taken.

Reports edit and statistics management

Once your reconciliation jobs are completed, Crystal Rec offers the following features :

  • Dispatch of Reports : ability to make available the results of the reconciliations to various recipients (Portfolio Manager, Head of BackOffice, Control Department,etc), by sending emails, on a web page, or through a Document Management System. These reports can be customised: Users have the ability to choose the desired format, the columns, set filters and groupings of data. The recipients of the reports (such as asset managers) will only receive results on the portfolios they manage.

  • KPIs and Analysis : ability to return as a graph or an alert, information concerning reconciliation matching rate (by source, financial instruments, portfolio, manager), system performance or other technical infrastructure information.

Archive management module

Crystal Rec comes with an Archive module that stores all the reconciled rows and exceptions associated with them. Backups are performed automatically on a regular basis in order to respond at any time to a need for investigation (whether regulatory or internal).

Access to data is simple and immediate and is restricted to authorised staff.