• Crystal OrderBook

    enables you to manage order bookings, positions keeping, intraday risk and compliance, P&L. It can be linked to the Clearing System in order to provide a full STP workflow.

Electronic Order Book for Brokers

CrystalOrderBook is the new generation of Electronic Order Book software on Derivatives and OTC markets.

It provides a Straight Through Processing solution to Trading rooms and replaces the manual entry of paper tickets into the trade matching system.

CrystalOrderBook provides a global multi markets centralised order book linked in real time with electronic exchanges and trading platform.

The core engine has been designed to manage huge volumes and Traders screens are based on secured and innovative Web technology to a rapid multi sites deployment.

Market Checking

  • Electronic order ticket input with a fast and intuitive Trader screen
  • Automatic electronic order ticket generation from executed Trades with quick client allocation
  • Matching capacity between client ticket input and trade legs
  • Opened Positions and P&L follow up in real time
  • Execution Risk alerts with dedicated screens and customisable emails or messages to Traders, Trading room management and Risk department
  • Non execution member and OTC business managed with initial order and execution inputs
  • All trades are allocated at the end of the day without risk of errors

Front to Middle Solution with Crystal Stream Integrated Platform

  • Associated to, Crystal Clear clearing hub services, Crystal Stream platform provides the first integrated Order Book, Matching and Clearing solution.
  • Allocated Tickets are available in real time to middle office into Crystal Clear
  • Crystal Clear informs Traders about all clearing or give up status evolution on trades
  • Traders and Trading room management can follow in real time the Give up risk with dedicated screens or via email
  • Crystal Stream platform offers, without interfaces, the same static data and instruments referential for Order Book and Clearing services.
  • Operational risk avoidance

Client Checking

  • Electronic email or Fixml confirmations are sent to customer
  • Remote Web customer screen to follow his own orders

Middle and Back Office Checking

  • Traders and Middle/Back Officers can consult historical orders at D+1
  • Orders reporting with fees can be easily produced for Middle and Back Office departments

On Boarding Added Value Functions

  • Book transfer between Traders
  • Profiling and supervision as Trading Room Manager and Head of Desk
  • Brokerage fees management
  • Key Process and Performance Indicators (KPI) providing analysis of the order booking evolution, system performance or technical infrastructure cartography
  • High level of personal screen tabs setup and filters capacity to search information (intra day and historical)
  • Fast static data module, Audit Trail, Security and full set of reporting tools

Interfaces and Exchange Connectivity

  • CrystalOrderBook is independent of the trading solutions used (ISV or exchange solution)
  • Native exchange interfaces on major ETD markets as EUREX, NYSE LIFFE all countries, ICE Futures EU, MEFF, IDEM, OMX, CME Globex markets, ICE Futures US and Canada, SGX, HKFE, SFE, TSX, OSE, ...
  • ISV Trading interfaces capacity with solutions as GL (API SLE), Fidessa, TT, ...
  • Standard interfaces with majors ETD Middle and Back Office systems